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Meet our talented, professional staff at Earth Contact Products. We work hard to meet our customers’ needs while providing the best service. If you’re looking for quality products made right here in the USA, you’ve come to the right place.

The Drive to Deliver Excellence


quality, ecp, team, foundation repair productsAt ECP, our greatest asset is our people. Our team is as solid as the American steel we use in our products. Our team includes experts in geotechnical and structural engineering, construction, foundation repair, foundation assessment, training, and installation of repair products to name a few. Like most global leaders, our strengths do not stop there. Our team also includes leaders from all areas of business that include marketing, logistics, accounting, technology, research and development and customer service.

We’re a company of doers, believers, and innovators. We bring with us original viewpoints and uncommon talents. But for everything that makes us unique as individuals, we have a lot in common too. And the biggest of these is passion. That’s why we develop leaders from every level and every region of the company. We make sure we do everything the only way we know how, the best way.

We create the products and tools that make sure that the ground upon we all stand is solid. We grow customers, vendors, and team members into partners and make their lives better by being the best in the industry, we solve problems.

At ECP, we believe in a cleaner, greener Environment, a Community where everyone is welcomed and listened to, and Partnerships that last decades, not weeks. We let our products do the speaking with our network of certified partners nationwide, not a massive marketing campaign.

ecp employee spotlight

Our employees are what make ECP what it is today. ECP is made up for hardworking, talented individuals – each with a unique story to tell. Read on to meet some of these people to learn more about what makes ECP a special place to work.



Brad Mitchell - ECP Co-founder & CEO

Brad Mitchell

Co-founder & CEO
Jon Michael

Jon Michael

Co-founder & CFO


Business Development

Brandon Walter - ECP Business Development

Brandon Walter

Jeff Wilkinson - ECP Business Development

Jeff Wilkinson

Sam Rathbun - ECP Business Development

Sam Rathbun

Josh Baumgartner - ECP Business Development

Josh Baumgartner

Nick Baumgartner - ECP Business Development

Nick Baumgartner

Josh Robinson - ECP Business Development

Josh Robinson

Engineering & Training

Aaron Grayham - ECP Engineering & Training

Aaron Grayham

Jeremiah Thomas, PE a.k.a. Bullfrog - ECP Engineering & Training

Jeremiah Thomas, PE

Donald J. Clayton, PE - ECP Engineering & Training

Donald J. Clayton, PE

Chad Bannister - ECP Engineering & Training

Chad Bannister

Logistics & Production

Ray Sims

Ray Sims

Russell Rima - ECP Logistics & Production

Russell Rima

Luis Flores - ECP Logistics & Production

Luis Flores

Dan Hullman - ECP Logistics & Production

Dan Hullman


Mike Malina

Mike Malina

Blake Wiruth - ECP Marketing

Blake Wiruth

PolyPier Sales and Training

Brett Frey

Brett Frey

ECP Team


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