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Weather and Environmental Events Cause Foundation Issues

It’s just a fact of the world we live in.

Rain and other weather and environmental events can lead to foundation problemsRecently, there have been a few weather events that we have noticed causing a spike in foundation repairs across the country. There was a recent earthquake in Southern California in late January registering 4.0 for magnitude. Just yesterday there was another earthquake at 3.3 magnitude.  Obviously, this is a common occurrence in California, but it’s definitely a concern for homeowners there. Another issue we have watched carefully is rain. The east coast has seen its share of rain just in the last few weeks. With Spring thaw coming, this is another reason for a rise in calls to our foundation repair and waterproofing contractors. So should you be worried as well?

Keep a watchful eye, homeowners.

What we recommend is to keep a watchful eye on your home. There are common problems that occur when soils beneath the foundation shift and move due to heavy rains or shifting soils. Individually these symptoms may seem harmless, but in reality, they can point to a much bigger issue. We recommend keeping an eye out for:

Cracks can mean foundation problemsCracks in walls, drywall, plaster, ceilings, grout, tiles, or flooring. Even small cracks may be the start of something bigger. It’s worth having a professional foundation repair contractor take a look just to be safe. Many times you find a crack in one place and if you look around you might find more.



Check for countertops pulling away from the wallCountertops pulling away from the wall. If you notice the separation of your countertop from the wall or even separating at the silicone that seals the countertop you may have the beginnings of a problem on your hands. You can notice this at the wall or you can also see it in the joints where sections of the countertop meet.



One of the first foundation problems some see is sticking doors and windowsDoors and windows sticking, or misaligned doors and windows that are hard to open. This is oftentimes the first thing people notice. Even a small shift in the ground beneath your home can lead to this problem in alignment. If this is occurring in your home, look for some of the other symptoms listed here.



water in your basement or crawlspace means that it is coming in somewhereWater in your basement, musty odors in your crawlspace. If moisture is present in your basement or crawlspace you can be sure it is getting in through a crack somewhere. Another thing to note is that if moisture or water is present, mold and mildew will surely follow. For allergy sufferers, this is a big deal. It’s really a big deal for any family member or even pet living in the home. Mold can mean health issues from eye irritation to lung infections and just about everything in between. Moisture can also lead to wood rot and pest infestations. That is why so many of our foundation repair contractors are also waterproofing experts. These problems truly go hand in hand, and oftentimes foundation repair leads to a need for waterproofing to prevent further issues. Read more about water problems – click here.

A few other items to watch for are garage column cracks, cracks in driveways, patio slabs, pool decks, stairs, and stoops.  It’s always a good thing to do as Spring draws near to do an exterior check of your home as well to watch for these issues.  It’s also a great idea to note any heavy weather in your area and do a quick inspection for issues after.

We’ve got you covered with contractors near you.

ECP is proud to have such an extensive list of foundation repair and waterproofing contractors around the country. Call us to find the right fit for your foundation problem, or to get an inspection. We also have a dealer locator available right here on our website for you to find a local contractor near you.